I’ve put together the Sprint MKII and Dash MKII now. They both look really good. I like the new battery compartment in the Sprint-way better than the old tiny cubby. I may have more to add after I’ve spent more time rigging them etc, but first impressions are excellent. Thank you!

We had both boats side by side and the owner of the Sprint wondered why his boat didn’t have striping on the floats like the Dash. So we put red stripes on and it looks really sharp. I know we discussed this and it was decided not to stripe the Sprint, but now I am wondering why we decided that!

I am proud to sell these boats and can tell people quite honestly that the quality is way better than the last years out of California.

Don Wigston

Corsair Dealer

Gulf Coast

Florida Panhandle, W. Apalachee Bay, W. Georgia inc Atlanta
Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee

Windcraft Inc.
120 Point Comfort Rd.
Mary Esther, FL.  32569
Phone: ++1 (404) 307 9121

Don wigston

Donald Wigston

Gulf Coast

“The number of racing accolades where Corsair boats have beaten boats that should be a lot faster is truly impressive.  There have truly been some amazing feats in Corsair Trimarans.”

Bob Gleason, Corsair Dealer – New England, USA


New England, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Bob Gleason
The Multihull Source
3 Narrows Road, P.O. Box 951
Wareham, MA. USA 02571
Phone: ++1 (508) 295 0095

Phuket King's Cup Regatta 2013

Bob Gleason

New England

Dear Corsair Marine HQ,

I received the items with the Dash today!

The Dash #100 looked really great! Only with hesitation I will let the buyer have it!



Ulrich Lindberg
Corsair Marin AB
Odengatan 31 C, SE 11351 Stockholm  Sweden
Phone: ++46 (709) 109 825


Corsair Marin AB

Odengatan 31 c

11351 Stockholm

Telefon: 0709 10 98 25



c28-1403 (79)

Ulrich Lindberg



 I have just come back from a brilliant weekend at the MOCRA nationals at the Poole regatta. Thought I would send you a photo of the dash in action.  It was a brilliant boat to race on!  Will send through more images in a few days!


 Ryan Vick

Marine Sales

Multihull World

01243 377 333

multihull world testimonial image

Ryan Vick

England, UK

How long have you been a Corsair Marine dealer?

I started working with Corsair Marine on their sail development team starting in 1999 and have since sailed and raced on every Corsair model all over the world. I am now leading the performance division at West Coast Multihulls, which includes the Corsair trimarans.

Why do you enjoy representing Corsair as a brand and its products?

It can be said that Corsair is the J-boat of the multihull world. Their proven track record of building innovative, fast and solid boats cannot be beat. It is thrilling to deliver a product that can evoke so many good emotions and in some cases life changing moments. There are not many brands in the marine industry that have the longevity and track record of Corsair Marine.

Where you are located?

Americas finest city, beautiful San Diego! West Coast Multihulls now calls its home at the beautiful Sunroad Marina.

What services do you offer related to the Corsair?

West Coast Multihulls specializes in sales, service, high end rigging solutions, clinics, coaching, instruction, and more! We are planning to have a formal Corsair sailing school and charter fleet in the near future. See our upcoming events on my author page, or visit the Events page for a list of upcoming events near you.

Who designs the Corsairs?

We have an in-house design team comprised of various specialists in their field. A product this refined did not come from one persons pen + paper plans; on the surface the current models may look very similar to an original F-27 but are in fact quite different boats.

What are your thoughts on Corsair resale value? 

Corsair boats have always upheld their re-sale value well, this can be attributed to the high quality build process and unique function of the design.

Can you help me with replacement parts for my Corsair?

Yes, let us know what you need and we will get it for you. We have an extensive network and will work to get you the parts you need, at the highest quality, and biggest bang for your buck. 

Can I get various things customized on a boat order?

Yes, depending on the model and requested change. Contact us with specific details and we will work with you to give you your dream boat. We take pride in working with our clients to ensure they end up with a boat that suits them best. 

How can a customer get connected with boat clubs, races or rendezvous?

Visit our WCM events page >> or see the local events we support here in San Diego San Diego events >>  Read about the WCM approach on our website >>

How can a prospective customer contact you?

Give us a call at West Coast Multihulls or shoot me an email.

Mat Bryant
West Coast Multihulls
Email: | T
: 619-571-3513

Corsair Regatta 2014

Mat Bryant

San Diego, CA