I’ve put together the Sprint MKII and Dash MKII now. They both look really good. I like the new battery compartment in the Sprint-way better than the old tiny cubby. I may have more to add after I’ve spent more time rigging them etc, but first impressions are excellent. Thank you!

We had both boats side by side and the owner of the Sprint wondered why his boat didn’t have striping on the floats like the Dash. So we put red stripes on and it looks really sharp. I know we discussed this and it was decided not to stripe the Sprint, but now I am wondering why we decided that!

I am proud to sell these boats and can tell people quite honestly that the quality is way better than the last years out of California.

Donald Wigston

Windcraft Inc

The Sailing Yacht Club of Noumea, New Caledonia organizes every 2 years a regatta from Noumea to Port Vila, Vanuatu. The direct line distance is 327 nautical miles. This year we started Saturday, September 5 with winds at over twenty knots on the nose. There were 22 boats, catamarans and monohulls . We were the only trimaran and the smallest of all the boats.

We took a very bad start. A few miles before the Woodin Canal (30 miles after the start line) we were the last but one when I realized we had a very bad helmsman!  With my favourite team member we then relayed to the finishing line, moving up one by one on all the boats. It was very exciting!

We were on close hauled with the apparent wind between 20 and 28 knots in rough seas with waves of 2 to 3 meters, without reef in the sails. We made some peaks at nearly 18 knots. This is the first time I dared push “Stay Cool Stay Flat” at this point. There was an entire organization that could help us if necessary and I never felt insecure.  Our C28 was fine in short waves but we got completely soaked. Other vessels had some damage: daggerboard, shroud, rudder. In Port Vila everyone spoke about the “small trimaran!”  We arrived first in corrected time.

After this race my favourite team member confirmed to me that he wanted to buy a C28CR and that I have to deliver it to him early January in Guadeloupe.  A few weeks earlier I took part in a race with another team who has now planned to buy a Cruze 970!

An affair worth following!

Gilles La Landriais

Corsair Dealer for New Caledonia, Tahiti & Guadeloupe
Corsair 28 CR