Corsair Multihull Regatta on Lake Chiemsee

Sep 18, 2014

Corsair Multihull Regatta on Lake Chiemsee

Register for a place in the upcoming Corsair Multihull Regatta on Lake Chiemsee!

Race:  Corsair Deutschland Club

Date:  18-21 September

Place:  Lake Chiemsee, Southern Germany

Organising Club:  WSV – Wassersportverein Fraueninsel, Lake Chiemsee

We expect multihulls (99% Corsair) from all over Central Europe (Germany, Austria and Switzerland).

Please join us!  For information about registration or other please contact Corsair Dealer Werner Stolz

Corsair Dealer for Germany South, Austria, Switzerland

Werner Stolz & Cornelia Klapprott
Corsair Deutschland
Wettersteinstrasse 16, Taufkirchen
D82024  Germany
Phone: +
trimarane-w.stolz@t-online.de  aws-werner.stolz@t-online.de