Corsairs to conquer Singapore this weekend!

Dec 3, 2011

Corsairs to conquer Singapore this weekend!

This weekend, Singapore will be treated to a fun and exciting sailing event involving six Corsair trimarans in the iconic Marina Bay. Later next week, spectators will get to see the Extreme 40s racing in the same Bay.

The island state of Singapore is about to see just how much fun sailing can be be when a fleet of six Corsairs sail into the iconic Marina Bay this coming weekend.

Since Corsair Marine appointed a local dealer in Singapore, Pro Sail Asia, earlier this year, the level of interest has grown rapidly. All six Corsairsa are permanently based in Singapore.

This weekend’s schedule is jam packed with exciting, fun stuff and for those who can stay until 7 December, they will get an up close and personal look at the big boys with their big toys. That’s when the Extreme 40s start racing, also in Marina Bay.

CEO of Corsair Marine, Richard ward, shall also be in attendance.

Below is the schedule for the weekend.

Saturday, 3 December 2011 (Sailing in Marina Bay)

3pm to 5pm

  • Funsail around Marina Bay, practice sessions
  • Boats go in from Marina Channel under the bridges from 1pm onwards
  • Boats to assemble in front of the boardwalk steps
  • Passenger transfer from Boardwalk steps to boats using RIB

5pm to 6pm

  • Funsail around the Bay.

6pm onwards – Casual

  • Drinks and presentation at Cuba Nueve (Customs House opposite Fullerton Bay Hotel – the boats will be moored in Marina Bay for the night.

Sun Dec 4th (Sailing in Marina Channel Barrage)

1pm to 2pm

  • Dock-off using Flyer pontoon
  • Funsail around Marina Bay, practice sessions

2pm to 6pm

  • Fun races around Marina Channel
  • Course to be determined before dock-off on day itself

Wed Dec 7th – 11th (Sailing in Marina Barrage)

Before 5.30pm

  • Watching opening day of Extreme 40 racing for early arrivals


  • Arrival and boarding via flyer pontoon to trimarans on-water

6pm to 7pm

  • Twilight sail/race