Summer Sailstice

Jun 23, 2012

Summer Sailstice

23 June 2012 is the Summer Sailstice. Grab your Corsair and go sailing for your chance to win some fabulous prizes – as well as having a great day out!

The Summer Sailstice is coming – Saturday 23 June 2012, to be precise. And you don’t even need to be in the northern hemisphere to participate.

The organisers of the Summer Sailstice, supported by Corsair Marine, are encouraging all Corsair owners to sign up now for the Summer Sailstice. It’s time to sail and celebrate sailing a Corsair!

John Arndt from Summer Sailstice says that there are almost 50 Corsairs signed up. Most are from the USA but there are also good numbers from Australia, Canada, Puerto Rico, Malaysia, Mexico, Saint Martin and Taiwan. It would be great to have some extra Corsairs from Europe represented..

When Corsair owners sign up, you will be declaring your participation in showing off a ‘day in the life of sailing a Corsair’. Not only will this connect you to the sailing and Corsair Community, it will giive you a fantastic opportunity to win prizes that have been supplied by various marine businesses.

How is Corsair supporting the 2012 Summare Sailstice?

We’re holding a giant Super Summer Sailstice Special! That means free cruising North Sails (main and jib) on every new boat sold. go and speak to our dealers re full terms and conditions. Also click here for further information from Corsair’s website. or click here to see what Summer Sailstice has written about the Corsair Performance Cruising Multihulls offer Summer Sailstice special.

Further information:

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