New Corsair Cruze 970

Lovers of folding trimarans know to what point the Corsair 31 made its mark. With over 300 boats built, it is one of the builder’s best-sellers.

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The Great Boat of the Year Sale!

To celebrate Corsair’s Sprint 750 MK II being a nominee for Sailing World magazine’s 2012 Boat of the Year, Corsair Marine has just released details of an amazing

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San Diego Winter Series – Cortez Racing Association

West Coast Multihulls and Corsair Marine present: The San Diego Winter Series – Cortez Racing Association, February/March 2012.

This classic San Diego racing series will be held on three dates

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Corsair Cruze 970 Sea Trials, a Success

The results outline a clear success. Notably, during the sea trials, the Cruze 970 Hull #1 was test sailed in near storm conditions and proven to be an even more

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2013 Corsair Nationals and Rendezvous – San Francisco June 13-16

From June 13 to 16, in San Francisco!


Subject: 2013 Corsair US Nationals And RendezVous
San Francisco, CA June 13-16

Last year marked

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