Top 5 of Lidingo Runt (Sweden)

May 23, 2013

Top 5 of Lidingo Runt (Sweden)

May 20th: 4 Corsairs in Top 5 of Lidingo Runt!

Report from Ulrich Lindberg – Swedish Corsair Dealer

Lidingö Runt (Sweden race) is since many years regarded as the start of the sailing season in the Stockholm area. This traditional 13,5 nautical mile race is sailed around the Lidingö Island, just east of Stockholm, and connected with the capital by a bridge.

This year around 270 boats started just south of the bridge as usual and heading to the goal at the north side. The multihull class, under our local SRS handicap system, gathered 20 boats plus four Seacart 26 starting together but sailing scratch. Eight Corsairs participated and six Dragonflies. The winner sailed a Tornado, but the second, third, fourth and fifth boat were a Corsair. (I attach the complete result list).

To note is that the Corsair Sprint 750 (who actually was five minutes late to the start) sailed approximately as fast as the SeaCart 26. (Elapsed time is the second row from right)
The wind conditions were NE light winds (8-10 knots with some gusts early in the race up to 16 knots)

Quite warm and sunny weather made this race a pleasant start of the season.

Video of the Start:


More race information: