4 Guys and a C37 take on the Pacific Cup Race!

Apr 28, 2014

4 Guys and a C37 take on the Pacific Cup Race!

The 2014 Pacific Cup will start the week of July 6, 2014

Known as ‘The Fun Race to Hawaii”, NO MULTIHULL HAS EVER COMPLETED THE PACIFIC CUP but these guys are going to try!
If Transit of Venus is successful, it will be a first….  With luck, in a couple months we will be able to announce:  “A Corsair is the first multihull ever to finish this 2000nm race”.

San Francisco based Corsair 37 “Transit of Venus” is attempting to be the first multihull (ever) to finish the Pacific Cup race from San Francisco to Hawaii this July.

Owner Rick Waltonsmith purchased the boat specifically to do this event, and has spent the last couple of years preparing her for the 2,070nm (primarily) downwind ride to Kaneohe Bay, Oahu with 58 other boats, including one other multihull (a Walter Greene 35).

Rick’s crew of 4 includes navigator Paul Martson of Pierpont Performance Sailing in Ventura, CA.  And Jared Brockway and Dave Olson, both of San Francisco, CA.

Paul reports that in a recent practice race in the Gulf of the Farallones, “Transit” saws bursts of speed up to 22kts while broad reaching under the big white Pineapple Sails kite that they hope to use often on the way to the islands.

We wish the crew of “Transit” the best of luck for a speedy (and it will be) and safe passage aboard their C37: It’s almost certain they are going to break a record or at the very least, create one!  More news on this exciting developing story as we get it!

C37 Transit of VenusC37 LtoR Jared RIck Dave on Transit of Venus