Corsair 760 development updated

Sep 19, 2016

Corsair 760 development updated

The first Corsair 760 is in build now, and it’s time to reveal more about the features and performance of this new 24’ pocket rocket. 

When it comes to multihulls of this size, Corsair is virtually the only game in town.  The yard has built over 700 boats in this size, with the predecessor Dash 750 remarkable in its success over nearly a decade.  So to balance honouring the family history, while moving the design forward is no mean feat.  Design talent was brought in from France, Germany, and Australia to meet the challenge.  Here are the design highlights of the resulting boat:

  • Increased performance: 15% increase in righting moment and a 2.5 Degree lower heel at comparable wind speeds, contributing to making this boat faster and easier to handle
  • Full gelcoat headliner in a matte finish – making this boat brighter, more spacious feeling, but softer in its cabin atmosphere, while also being easier to maintain.
  • Upgraded Galley – now more usable, and modern, while being very easy to clean.
  • New Fabrics – the look of this interior considers buyers from all over the world including Europe. The new interior is full of gentle aesthetics reflecting a high-quality finish.

The visual effect of all of these changes to the exterior is stunning. The new boat has a trendsetting look. In contrast to the cool, sporty intent of the exterior, the interior invites a clean, comfortable escape:


Production of the new Corsair 760 has begun, with boats already on order for display boat shows across the globe.  We will update you on where and when to find her as soon as dates are set.