Have I told you lately…..that I love my Corsair?

May 29, 2014

Have I told you lately…..that I love my Corsair?

Have I told you all (Corsair Marine) lately how much I love my Corsair Trimaran !?! 

Memorial Day Weekend 2014 was a great weekend to work on our F-28, Big Storm.  She’s been ‘ridden hard and put away wet’ on numerous occasions, from her first Corsair Nationals at Fort Walton Beach 2005  to gentle (?) groundings at Pensacola Cay, Bahamas and an unwelcome greeting from an unfriendly dock at Nassau.  

So, I was painting the bottom, repairing the centerboard from one of her harder knocks and touching up the many dings accumulated over the years so that she’ll look good for the 2014 racing season and Nationals, of course!  And, I was fully admiring the workmanship that it took to build our boat in the first place…built like a brick shit house she is!

Thank you Corsair for building Offshore Multihulls so unlike their ugly predecessors… trimarans which are both beautifully built and take on the beauty of flight! 

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

 Happy 30th!

Deborah Schaefer and Jim Frederick

Big Storm

Corsair F-28