Proud new owner of a Dash MKII taking delivery

Jun 3, 2014

Proud new owner of a Dash MKII taking delivery

Proud new Corsair owner, Mr Svend Engrob from Denmark taking delivery of his Dash 750 MKII – Hull #100

The delivery took place on a parking area in the South Swedish town of Ljungby, halfway between Stockholm and the buyers hometown in Denmark.

Normally I assist the customer in all steps including raising the mast and setting sail, but this time I was promised help from Martin Møller with Dash # 85 who lives close to Svend and who previously took Svend out on a trip on his Dash. A trip that made Svend decide to buy his own boat!

Latest Dash being towed by small Mercedes

Note that the towing car is just a small Mercedes B Class. You do not need big vans or pick-ups to trailer a Corsair. The allowed towing weight for this car is 1500 kilo and that is exactly the total weight of this boat and trailer.

Best regards,
Corsair Dealer for Sweden

Ulrich Lindberg
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