Sailing “Impossible” North West Passage – Corsair celebrates 30 Years of adventure

May 30, 2014

Sailing “Impossible” North West Passage – Corsair celebrates 30 Years of adventure

In Celebration of Corsair Marine’s 30 year Anniversary
Sailing “Impossible” North West Passage – Commenced 23 June 2010

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Circumnavigating the earth on the Arctic Ocean in a single summer was an “impossible challenge” according to two Norwegian adventurers – unless you were sailing Corsair Marine’s 31UC trimaran. On 23 June 2010, those two adventurers, Borge Ousland and Thorleif Thorleifsson began their journey. They set off from Oslo, Norway.

Billed as one of the most notable sea voyages of our time. They had just a limited window of a few months to travel 10,000 nautical miles (18,000kms), passing through the North West and North East Passages. Then, as the summer set, so would the impenetrable pack ice.

Mr Ousland says that, to complete the circumnavigation, they needed a “light and lithe trimaran” rather than the heavy, deep draught, steel vessels used in previous expeditions. With a draught of just 40cm the Corsair Marine trimaran can sail through shallow water and be pulled onto the shore to avoid pack ice. With a speed of 20 knots, the trimaran should complete the trip before the Passages freeze over again.

Apart from the excitement of the actual journey, Messrs Ousland and Thorleifsson aimed to bring focus to contemporary environmental issues such as global warming as well as to raise awareness about the history of the Arctic waters.

As the Corsair Marine trimaran moved them quickly through one of the coldest and remotest corners of the globe, Google and Discovery Channel beamed them instantly to every other corner of the globe. This gave the rest of us unique access from the comfort and safety of our schools, offices and homes.

Ousland and Thorleifsson shared their experiences through daily reports that included their on line expedition log, photographs, videos and live updates on the web using channels such as You Tube, Flickr, Twitter and Facebook.

Corsair Marine International was delighted to be associated with Borge Ousland’s and Thorleif Thorleifsson’s circumnavigation of the Arctic Ocean which commenced on 23 June 2010.

Corsair Marine International was a sponsor of the North West Passage Expedition. Corsair Marine is the world’s leading builder of production trimarans. Since being established in 1984, Corsair Marine has built more than 2000 trimarans which are sailed, not just in the USA , but also Europe, Asia and Australia.