Cruze 970 has it all

May 5, 2014

Cruze 970 has it all

La Grande Motte

The Multihull Boat Show at the end of April in southern France offered a fantastic display of multis!  Attendees arrived from all over Europe but many especially came in from the UK, Ireland and Germany.

A show with purpose

What was so refreshing about this show, was that everyone was there for a purpose and specifically interested in multis.  I heard from the organizers that there were over 60 boats on display which would probably make it the largest multihull-only show in the world.

Cruze 970 029

Test sails

Before getting out of the marina we needed to fold the floats to get past some of the boats still at the show which wasn’t a problem at all.  Folding the floats are quite easy and we did it countless times throughout the show. On the water under motor (9.9 Yamaha) the boat handled surprisingly well.  The tiller link is great, so simple yet extremely effective.  Under sail the boat was a powerhouse.  The float buries when pushed but it doesn’t feel like it’s stalling, it just pushes through and then resurfaces.  We had the main hull skimming quite a few times and got it out on a few occasions too. This was all with un-trimmed sails and in cruising conditions.

Cruze 970 039Cruze 970 041

The Cruze has it

Everyone who came aboard was impressed by the interior volume and happy with the finish.  Most people are comparing the interior to the old 31. The boat was received well by all.  I was amazed at how weight aware/conscious the market was, especially with past/current Corsair owners.  Most people I talked to were after a fast but easy boat to sail, comfortable yet light and it seems that Corsair Marine have hit the nail on the head with the Cruze!

Cruze 970 244