Unmatched Power meets everyday Sailing Pleasure – The Corsair SPORT Line throws off the shackles of convention to unfurl sheer sailing performance.



Performance Unleashed

The Corsair SPORT line was developed in the spirit of racing, and for those whom the emotion of sailing is supreme – 2nd best is 2nd place.  Through intelligent use of new technologies and supremely powerful power to weight ratio, Corsair SPORT .  So while the Corsair 970 Cruze retains a mast built for road trailering, economical transport, and sail management, the Corsair 970 SPORT answers the call of sailors wanting to achieve performance on a new level.   But this does not add complication – while taller and larger, the 970 SPORT keeps the simple and effective sail layout, sail handling features, and folding mechanism that make her smaller sibling so easy to manage.  With the 970 SPORT, the Corsair design team have captured the spirit of trimaran sailing, while ensuring you have a boat fit for a weekend with the family and dogs, not just the dogfight.


    Power and precision – The Corsair 760 SPORT delivers unmatched performance through class leading power to weight ratio.

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  • Corsair 970 SPORT

    Unmatched power meets sailing pleasure – The corsair 970 sport throws off her shackles to unfurl previously unachievable performance.

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