1. I’m ready to buy a Corsair trimaran right now!  I know which model I want but would like to speak with an experienced Corsair Dealer first to understand the purchasing logistics and after sales.  What should I do first and how do I find a dealer nearest me?

A: Easy!  Corsair Marine has a global network of dealers ready to assist you and answer questions you may have from the beginning of your purchase through to the delivery and even launch of your new Corsair trimaran.  Our experienced dealers own  Corsairs and are constantly in the process of buying one or even several.  They have raced or cruised them, organized sailing clinics and regattas with them.  Everything you need to know about buying and owning a Corsair, your dealer is there to help you. Contacting them is a great place to start.  Find a dealer nearest you.

2. Why is it so great to have the option of a folding trimaran?

A: It’s great because it’s foldable so therefore trailerable.  When folded up it is easy and very convenient to berth.  Basically, it’s great because of it’s convenience and cost efficiency due to its incredible versatility.

3. Can I sleep with my family/friends aboard a Corsair trimaran?

A: Absolutely. Not only can you sleep aboard one of our boats but you can pull it right up to any beach or just off the beach giving you access to the best of both worlds, on the water and convenient access to the land.

4. Is my trimaran high enough performance to race?

A: Corsair models are renown for their high performance capabilities and in all sorts of conditions! In fact, even on a gentle puff of wind they move quite quickly. As well as being high performing and super competitive, they also provide you and your crew with the necessary room, comfort, handling and structural reliability.

5. Where can I keep my trimaran?

A: On a mooring; beached at your favorite secret spot or anchored there as well; folded in a berth or on a trailer at home! Due to its versatility, it’s really up to you!

6. Is there a warranty on my newly purchased Corsair?

A: Yes – All new Corsairs come with a 5 year structural warranty.

7. Can I customize my boat?

A: Yes – you can select from a wide range of options, fabrics, wrappings and signage.

8. How do I service my trimaran?

A: Contact your dealer network and After Sales – they will be the best contacts for support.

9. How long does it take from order to delivery?

A: On average a minimum of 6 to 16 weeks depending on the model.

10. What about the re-sale value?

A: Corsair Marine trimarans have an excellent reputation and are in high demand throughout the world in particular the USA and Europe but increasingly in Asia and the South Pacific. Used Corsairs have sometimes sold for a higher value than their original price making them an excellent investment for their owners.

11. How do I promote hosting a Corsair regatta at my yacht club?

A: Contact your nearest dealer for Corsair Community information or drop us a line at info@corsairmarine.com

12. What is the Corsair global Owners Community?

A: We have a number of Corsair owners around the world that organize or host regattas and sailing ‘Safaris’. Corsair also regularly sponsors events in conjunction with host Yacht Clubs.

13. I know trimarans are safe but what do they offer me over a mono hull or a catamaran?

A: Corsair designs have an excellent safety record due to their stability, unsinkability (see Sailors Manual) and conservative rigging. A Corsair trimaran unlike a monohull or a catamaran offers you versatility with its uniquely patented folding design, accessibility to places boats with fixed keels and fixed dagger boards/rudders could not access (resulting in true solitude and escape), beachability for those who enjoy stepping directly onshore and best of all, affordability. Everything you could possibly want in a ‘form follows function’ design opportunity.

14. Can I visit your factory?

A: Absolutely – we proudly welcome our customers to visit our production facility in Asia.

15. How do I become a Corsair Dealer?

A: Please drop us an email at info@corsairmarine.com